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Security is our #1 Priority

Remember It is a secure place to store all of your important information. Read on below for more information.

Easy to use and Secure

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How Remember It works

Remember It Passwords App lets you submit confidential information into your web browser or mobile app, but your data is locally encrypted by the browser before being sent to us. The key for the encryption processes is your master password that never gets sent or saved to the server. Therefore no one except you can access your data.

Remember It is simply in charge of storing your data in an encrypted form on its servers. All encryption and decryption operations take place inside your browser.

Your password is the key

Remember It Password Manager does not know your password and we only store a hash of your password on our server. This means we cannot recover your password for you. If you lose your master password you cannot get into the app. We can never access your information because only you know the 'Master Password'

What information can we see?

The only information we can see is your name (or nickname, if you do not want to use your real name), and your email address. All of the other information is stored with either a one way 256-bit hash or it is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption algorithm and is only accessible with your password.

256-bit security level

Remember It Password Manager is a cryptographic system with a 256-bit security level. The system we use to encrypt your information is an industry-standard AES encryption algorithm developed by Stanford University.

Automatic backups

Your data is backed up every time you make a change to it. This means you can depend on us to recover your information even if something happens to our servers. You can also back up your data unencrypted through the app if you want your own backup copy.

World class cloud security

Remember It runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This means you benefit from a wide range of security practices put in place by one of the largest cloud providers in the world. For more information click here.

Application locking

You can manually or automatically lock-up the Remember It App and your data.

SSL secure connection

All data is encrypted and decrypted inside your browser and only encrypted data is ever sent over the Internet. We deliver this data via an SSL connection to make things even more secure.

Mask for password fields

Passwords fields are displayed with the usual stars, but if needed, users can copy the actual password to the clipboard by simply selecting the stars.

Automatic updates

We continuously update the app for security and ease of use. You will automatically be updated to the latest version every time you log into the app.